Albion Historical Notebook



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We continue with our theme of, “Albion 100 Years Ago.” February 1, 1923: “The mine operated by the People’s Coal Mining Company located three miles north of the city entertained lady visitors last Saturday for the first time in its history.”

“Mark Donovan, Herbert Stinekrauss and Donald Boyd returned yesterday from Detroit with three new Ford cars for the Albion Motor Sales Company.” “Mrs. Louie Hartung is confined to her home on S. Ionia St. with the grip.” “Miss Dellamae Smith is ill with the grip at her home on Walnut St.” “Nelson Jessup, member of the city fire department, is ill with the grip at his home on E. Mulberry St.” “Donald Hubbard of the Hubert Flower store, has been confined to his home on Jackson Road for several days. He is having a visitation of the grip.”

February 3, 1923: “The former grocery business of Frank E. Clark, at 113 S. Superior St., was sold today by W. E. Baum and company to John Carty, who has been employed by that concern.”

“Dr. Charles M. Guyselman and George Bogue Hunt, former Albionites who are now residents of Jackson, are among the leaders in a movement to attempt to prevent the Jackson board of education from compelling school children to be vaccinated and also to do away with the physical examination of pupils of the school system of that city.”

February 6, 1923: A member of the family of A. L. Preston, 606 Fitch St., has broken out with smallpox and the house is quarantined. This is the second case to be quarantined in Albion, both being on Fitch St. The disease, according to a local physician, was brought here by a woman who came to Albion from Butler, Indiana, where there is an epidemic at the present time.”

February 10, 1923. “Preston Perdue, colored man living at 1238 Highland Ave., was sitting in his home quietly reading the bible to members of his family last evening about 7:15, when two revolver shots were heard suddenly, fired through the south window of the home, one of them inflicting a flesh wound in Perdue’s left shoulder and the other spending itself in the window sash.”

February 13, 1923. “Edward, the 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Quigg, Edwards St., who recently had pneumonia and spinal meningitis, is now able to walk about the house. He was treated by spinal puncture and introduction of antiminingococcle [Note: That is how that word was spelled and printed in the article] serum, a rather recent discovery.”

February 16, 1923. “The contract for the erection of a new factory building is to be located just west of the city water works on Albion St for the Service Caster and Truck Company, which concern will move here in April from Kansas City, Missouri, was let today by the Albion Realty Company to Perry Sharp, Albion contractor.”

`February 20, 1923. Bids were let by the City Council for the construction of the new $100k James Wadsworth Sheldon Memorial Hospital by this city. The Schumacher Construction Company had the lowest bid and was awarded the contract.”

February 26, 1923. “Fourteen persons were arrested, including three colored women, eight colored men, and three white men, as the result of raids made late Saturday night and early Sunday morning by local officers on gambling and disorderly places in the northwest part of the city.”

February 28, 1923. “An important change in local business circles was announced today by which D.F. Wickens takes over the Albion agency for the Dodge motor car and the garage at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Ionia St. from Louis F. Striker, who has conducted the business at that stand for the past seven years, establishing it in 1916.”