Albion Historical Notebook

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We continue with our theme of “Albion, 100 Years Ago.” August 1, 1922: “Albion is to have a new industry which will open for business soon as the raw material is ready.

We continue with our theme of “Albion, 100 Years Ago.” August 1, 1922: “Albion is to have a new industry which will open for business soon as the raw material is ready. We refer to the cider, apple butter and apple jelly factory which Fred Davis has established on Washington St. just west of the Eaton St. bridge.” “Receiving a shock of 440 volts of electricity through his body at the plant of the Union Steel Products Company, where he was employed, Claude W. Pritchard, 47 years old, living at 306 E. Pine St., was killed about 5:30 pm Monday afternoon.” “Work was started this morning by the city on the task of re-paving S. Superior St. between Erie and Ash Streets. The asphalt is laid on the old brick pavement upon which a light priming coat of a mixture containing asphalt, kerosene and gasoline is first placed.” August 11, 1922: “Work on the construction of six miles of gravel highway extending along the eastern city limits on Clark St. from Michigan Avenue to a point about two miles north of the Albion coal mine, is progressing rapidly.” August 12, 1922: “The Sparks circus, which exhibits here Monday, will arrive in the city tomorrow morning from Hillsdale. The circus will arrive on a special train on the New York Central and will pitch its tents on the old fair grounds, in the center of the O’Melay track.” August 16, 1922: “College hill is to have its first exclusive restaurant to be opened about September 1. Messrs. Frank Fitzpatrick and W. W. Wood have bought out the Griffin grocery on E. Cass St opposite the North building of Albion College for the purpose of operating the place into what will be known as the College Eat Shop.” August 17, 1922: “Rather than wait for the courts to settle condemnation proceedings begun recently by the city to obtain the residence property of F. A. Wochholz at the corner of River and Superior Streets for a part of the new James Wadsworth Sheldon Memorial Hospital site, the City Council last evening decided to pay Mr. Wochholz the sum of $6,750 for the property.” August 25, 1922: “Victor Snyder, who lives near Duck Lake and is one of the men employed on the new Duck Lake golf course, was severely shocked by a lightning bolt that struck a tree under which he was standing near the east side of the lake during yesterday afternoon’s electrical storm.” August 28, 1922: “They ought to put a banner across Superior St. near the Michigan Ave. intersection carrying the words, “Camp in our City Park,” said an Albion booster today.” More signs to be placed on highways near Albion advertising the Victory Park tourist camp are being prepared by Chief of Police Clyde Stoddard.” “Extreme heat was responsible for a blowing up of the brick pavement between Albion and Marshall Tuesday. This is the third time that the pavement has blown up since it was put in about four years ago.” “Colored Man Arrested for Bootlegging. Deputy Sheriff George U. McCarty and City Constable Clarence Faust, made a raid on the home of Imos Russ of 1233 Highland Avenue about 1:30 Sunday morning and confiscated close to five gallons of freshly made corn-rye whiskey, as well as parts of a still and mash consisting of corn and rye amounting to more than 510 gallons. They also brought about Russ’s arrest on a charge of violating the state liquor laws.” “Victor Calderone arrived in Albion last night and will resume his partnership with Sam Vitale in the Rapid Shoe Shop on W. Porter St. “ August 30, 1922: “Volick Dempsky, star pitcher for the Albion High School nine last spring, is probably lost to the local school, as it is stated on good authority that he intends to enter Detroit Northwestern High School next month. Volick has been working this summer with the Dodge Brothers Motor Company in Detroit and has proven to be the pitching sensation of the season in the Dodge factory league.” August 31, 1922: “Born August 12 to Rev. & Mrs. W.E. Craighead of Bucharest, Roumania: a son. Mother and child are doing finely. Mrs. Craighead was formerly Miss Hazel Thomson of this city. Rev. and Mrs. Craighead have been doing missionary work for the past two years, sent from the local Baptist Church.”