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    Family Features

    A Sweet, Simple Way to Make Your Holiday Healthier

    With holiday menus in full swing, many Americans aim to add healthier dishes and ingredients to their seasonal tables but are hesitant to compromise on tried-and-true favorites. Whether you’re looking to reduce the fat or added sugar content of a recipe or add more plants to your table, raisins are a healthy, natural option for topping or adding to your favorite dishes.

    Gracious Gifts that Give Back

    If showing loved ones your appreciation with holiday presents is a tradition in your family, you can take that sign of affection a step further this year with gifts that give back to the world around you.

    Local Communities Empower a Resilient Global Food System

    The global food system is powered by people. Their resilience helps ensure safe and nutritious food makes it around the world. Communities were relying on food industry workers and farmers to ensure food would be grown and produced and make its way across borders. To keep moving amidst the crisis, the food and agricultural system needed to provide support by advocating for the safety of frontline workers, addressing severe disruptions and areas of food insecurity and providing resources and monetary support for those most deeply impacted.

    6 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Vacation

    Vacations can be perfect opportunities to spend quality time with the family. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip to visit relatives or a well-researched camping trip, inviting the whole family – including the four-legged family members – is possible. Consider these tips to make your family vacation a pet-friendly affair.

    Shopping for Father's Day can be difficult. From tools to tech toys, some gifts are used over and over again, but thoughtful gifts that align with your dad's interests can make this year's present a memorable one. If he enjoys reading, these picks can provide a reminder of you every time he sits down to read another chapter.

    5 Tips to Safely Celebrate Halloween with Your Pets

    Whether heading to a party, celebrating on social media or greeting little ghouls and goblins at home, getting the entire family – including the four-legged family members – involved in the Halloween festivities can be the biggest treat of all. However, it’s important to take some precautions to avoid spooking your pets, particularly if you’ll be dressing them for the occasion.

    Sustainable Sustenance

    Although good nutrition is essential for human life, food production has a significant impact on the environment. Learn how you can fill your plate with more earth-friendly foods by practicing these sustainable habits.

    Financial Tips for Parents to Teach Their Children

    Children often dream of the day they can call themselves grown-ups, but few look forward to – let alone think about – the financial realities of independence. It’s never too early to start teaching your children how to save money and spend responsibly. Consider these financial tips.

    5 Tips to Get Organized

    Getting organized and making the most of your home’s storage space can be a daunting task. To help keep clutter at bay and streamline organization throughout the house, consider these tips for revamping your closets and designated storage areas from the experts at ClosetMaid.

    4 Tips to Prepare a Pet-Friendly Fire Safety Plan

    After more than a year of nearly constant companionship, many pet parents are preparing to leave their pets at home while they transition back to the office. With more time away from home, it’s important for families to be prepared in the event of a fire. To help protect your pets from the dangers of home fires and train them to respond positively to the sound of smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, consider these tips.

    As seasons change, there’s often a great deal of shuffling and movement, including common allergy triggers like trees, pollen, mold spores, dust and dander along with pesky sinus pressure. Take steps this spring to ease the impact of sinus and allergy problems and focus on your overall wellness for a smooth transition with these tips.

    5 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning

    Mornings are often the most important part of the day – they can make or break your mood and set the tone for all of your to-dos. To help combat the hecticness that can arrive when the sun comes up, consider these five tips for a stress-free start to the day.

    Poolside Picks

    Laying out on the beach and floating in the pool are true hallmarks of summer. A good book, however, can elevate these relaxing experiences to a new level. From suspense to romance and adventure, you don’t want to miss these books this summer.

    Environmental Education

    Teaching kids about the environment from an early age starts lifelong habits and creates awareness about the way humans affect the Earth. Connecting those lessons to school is an easy way to reinforce how the whole family can make everyday changes that make a difference.

    Whether it’s your child’s first day of kindergarten or the start of middle school, back-to-school season can bring a range of feelings – from worry to excitement – for the entire family. Consider these three tips to help your children (and yourself) manage emotions during the transition back to school.

    Warm, sunny days are the perfect setting for making family memories, but they’re also ideal opportunities to encourage kids to get creative and let their imaginations soar. These ideas for summertime activities encourage family interaction, and the more kids get to help plan and organize the details, the more engaged you can expect them to be.

    6 Special Ways to Celebrate Grandparents

    Ask anyone to recall their most treasured childhood memories, and you’re likely to hear tales about time spent with loved ones, grandparents in particular. As an adult, you may find yourself wondering how to help your kids create those magical moments with their grandparents. However, strengthening their bond with a beloved grandparent may be easier than you think.

    If you’ve never traveled along the Pacific Coast, or maybe you’d just like to experience it from a new perspective, there are few things quite like a road trip to take in the sights and experiences that make the journey one to remember.

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